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Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Product overview

CRYPTOSPOT is an Internet access gateway software which offers advanced features ideal for any company with any IT network size, to share an internet connection between multiple users in a secure and controlled environment. This hotspot management system uses an admin tool to authorize and control the users’ access to Internet with certain speeds and limits. Upon connecting to the network, each user should gain authorization through a captive portal/log-in screen on their browsers. The flexible structure of CRYPTOSPOT makes it an amiable Internet access gateway for organizations in any scale, from small cafés to large shopping centers, or airports.

Key features and advantages

CRYPTOSPOTReliable and secure Internet access for all your guests and customers.
With a one-in-all web based simple admin tool interface, CRYPTOSPOT allows you to authenticate each and every user trying to access your network, define or delete any connection settings, and consequently provide a reliable and secure IT environment for both users and organizations.
CRYPTOSPOT offers cost-effective deployment without any hardware dependence, as well as an
easy-to-install and intuitive user interface of CRYPTOSPOT enables administrators to control clients access through any wireless device without any software installation requirement on the client’s part or any dependence on their's or their administrator's operating system.
Versatile authentication methods
CRYPTOSPOT offers a variety of authentication methods for rendering access to users from standard users, to SMS gateways, to RADIUS integration.
Universal control over number of users and per-user bandwidth quotas on the entire network
The number of users and their download-upload rates can be configured from unlimited to limited values by restricting speed or data caps. Data transmission limitations can be defined on upload and download separately on username or MAC address basis.
Customizable network configuration
You can define different configurations of access and bandwidth for disparate locations or specific users over your network. It also supports organization to allocate specific quotas and different log-in themes in certain locations.
Comprehensive reports on users’ accounts
Out-of-the-box report templates of CRYPTOSPOT, offers important information on activities of clients over the network. Total usage bandwidth and time, number of logins and top customers on time and download data are some of the statistics that the organizations can benefit from reports. Furthermore, government regulations may require log storage and management which is easily met by CRYPTOSPOT flexible storage options.
Advertising Benefits
Offering free high-speed access to Internet, not only attracts people and entice them for longer stays, it also provides a suitable platform for advertising the organization or generating advertising revenues. CRYPTOSPOT enables administrator to configure specific logos and layouts to be displayed on customers or guests browsers. Furthermore, the general themes and graphics of log-in page can be designed manually. The log-in methods usually gathers costumers and guests names and email addresses which can be used to send welcome or advertising messages via Video/Image banners. Survey is also another efficient feature to evaluate product and/or service quality.
Statistical Reports and Log Management
Out-of-the-box report templates of CRYPTOSPOT, offers important information on activities over the network. Total usage bandwidth and time, number of logins and top customers on time and download data are some of the statistics that the organizations can benefit from. Furthermore, generated logs in CRYPTOSPOT carries all the information on the activities and IP addresses of users. Some government regulations requires log storage and management. From analysis these logs CRYPTOSPOT offers variety of reports;
  • Top N Daily/Weekly/Monthly Authenticated Users
  • Top N Daily/Weekly/Monthly Downloads
  • Top N Daily/Weekly/Monthly Uploads
  • Top N Daily/Weekly/Monthly Accessed Domains
  • Top N Daily/Weekly/Monthly MAC Addresses
  • Top N Daily/Weekly/Monthly Source IP Addresses
  • Quota Usage Timeline within N Hours/Days
  • Session Usage Timeline within N Hours/Days
  • Top N SMS Request senders
  • Current Distinct User Numbers
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Maximum Online User Counts
  • Internet Usage Hourly Distributions
Scalable Structure
Based on the requirements and structure of organization’s network, CRYPTOSPOT can be implemented on one central server or over a cluster server architecture. Total customers’ access to resources, policy enforcements and usage auditing can be controlled over one Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) server with CRYPTOSPOT, where each access point should be configured to transfers information to the central server. This service can cover bandwidth control and log auditing  per user. CRYPTOSPOT uses RADIUS protocol where only AAA is required. However, in large networks where quota control and log auditing is important, CRYPTOSPOT can be installed multiple access point servers and these servers work in cluster, providing reliability, load balancing and scalability in CRYPTOSPOT’s overall service.
Customized Captive Portals, Reponsive Design in Multilanguage
CRYPTOSPOT provides responsive captive portals that are compliant with mobile, tablet and web. Login profile scan be presented for different hotspot services with various languages. Portal pages are automaticaly loaded on English, German, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic or Chinese according to browser language setting. 

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