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Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Product overview

Every application, OS, or device on a network generates records and logs, carrying valuable information that can be used for ensuring reliability and security over total network structure; however, the fact that logs are generated in massive volumes - as well rapid evolution of cyber-attacks in today’s IT business world - greatly emphasizes the importance that an integrated log management system plays in every organization’s IT structure to monitor availability of connections, performance of applications and security threats. CRYPTOLOG is a log manager that collects, normalizes, and categorizes massive logs generated across your network and turn it into valuable information on an intuitive interface where advance search, analysis and correlation monitoring becomes easier and more efficient.

Key features and advantages

CRYPTOLOGGlobal Log collection and categorization
CRYPTOLOG overcomes lack of consistency on log formats, and provides logging and storage of a broad range of log workspaces, e.g. OS events, IDS events, application log files, Database transactions and so forth, using potent collecting engines and parsing algorithms. The original log records can be stored separately based on vendor request for lateral archiving or legal regulation purposes.
Full visibility into network activities and vulnerabilities over an intuitive user interface
Real-time network events can be monitored over the powerful yet easy-to-understand user interface of CRYPTOLOG, where no specific knowledge on log-files infrastructure is necessary. Customizable dashboard provides the administrator with simplified drill down analysis over intuitive graphs and charts.
 Ensuring compliances and retention regulation as well as internal policies
CRYPTOLOG ensures well-known mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, etc. and retention regulations with built-in statistical or graphical reports, customized reports, through alerts and flexible storage options.
Through incident forensics analysis over more than one year old logs dataCRYPTOLOG
Applying normalization and categorization on collected logs, CRYPTOLOG provides advanced query and full text search over logs, where cause or source of a breach can be found. Reports based on such queries can be used as legal evidence with confidentiality that Hashed and Time-Stamped Logs provides. CRYPTOLOG also goes one step further by auditing the auditors’ activities and ensures their authentication by sending the logs of CRYPTOLOG to another party for further investigation.
Scalability in accordance with IT structure size and demands
CRYPTOLOG’s architecture and configurations are adaptable to the scale of any organization. It can be applied through a cloud base virtual appliance that remotely collects and analyzes the logs for small scale networks to a single unit software, or using a centralized base with distributed sensors in large scale IT structures.

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